Secrets to Earning More and Working Less


Rick Solomon and Jeff Borschowa are pleased to present “Secrets to Earning More and Working Less” for bookkeepers.

Jeff and Rick are teaming up to bring “Secrets to Earning More and Working Less” to Calgary on March 31.  The event will focus on helping bookkeepers build their bookkeeping businesses.  We will specifically address:

  • technology necessary to facilitate growth
  • marketing and networking
  • sales as a relationship building tool
  • value pricing

Participants will learn ways to leverage technology to reduce their workload.  The marketing, sales, and value pricing segments will focus on earning higher fees while building stronger client relationships.

Rick Solomon is on a mission to empower professionals to thrive with greater ease and less stress. As the CEO of RAN ONE Americas and Founder of the Center for Enlightened Business, Rick has helped thousands of forward-thinking professionals across the globe let go of self-created limitations and create a direct path to an incredibly rewarding practice, coupled with a deep sense of personal fulfillment. Rick’s methodologies, based upon ancient wisdom, have started a shift in thinking throughout the profession about what it means to truly thrive, and provides a shorter, simpler path to achieving it.  Click here to watch Rick’s “Drop the Struggle” presentation (50 minutes long).

Jeff Borschowa is an author, educator, writer, international speaker and technology enthusiast.  Jeff works with accounting professionals to help them leverage technology in their growth. Jeff’s focus is on how to run a better business built on better technology.  Jeff is a thought leader in the accounting industry and has written 3 books in the “8 Pillars for Exponential Business Growth” series.