Sep 122014

Thank you to today’s participants.  We had a few odd technical issues, but we will get those resolved before the next event. Our playlist on YouTube includes all recordings of the series thus far.  You can watch the videos here. You can go directly to the recording for Marketing and Networking by visiting Our live audience [...]

Sep 112014

Hi everyone.  Today we talked about the second part of operational efficiency in our weekly webinar series. For anyone who likes to track things, we introduced the webinar series on August 22, 2014.  You can replay the introduction by clicking here. We talked at length about the process of going paperless as part of operational [...]

Aug 222014

Today we launched our webinar series based on the 8 Pillars for Exponential Business Growth.  The webinars are free and you can register here. We are offering the series for free in order to fine-tune the presentation and content.  Today was an introduction to the 8 Pillars and why they are in fact valuable to [...]

Aug 132014

Thriving Firm is my go to source for information when I am looking for practice management and innovative ideas about the accounting profession.  I am happy to share their new E-Magazine.  Click here to learn more about the Thriving Firm Symposium, a truly unique event in the accounting profession. I am looking forward to presenting [...]

Aug 132014

My final pillar is Practice Management.  I have left this to the end as a means to evaluate the efforts that we have undertaken in the other 7 pillars. In Practice Management, we will focus on: Critical Success Factors Key Performance Indicators Client Selection and Ranking Each has their place in effectively running an efficient [...]

Aug 132014

Eliminating inefficiencies and automating workflow should show you the potential in your business.  You will see the most significant growth once you look at the services that you offer to your ideal clients, and introduce the services that they need the most. I propose the following as a brief list of value added services: cash [...]

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